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There are so many benefits to having Houseplants, let us mention a few! 

AESTHETICS | Plants are beautiful, plants add interest to anywhere you are rather it's indoors or outdoors, and when placed correctly, plants can screen, fill space, soften lines, hide views, improve traffic flow, reduce noise, and create space

CLEAN THE AIR | According to NASA, “Houseplants scrub indoor air pollutants, making our air fresher and safer… This is especially important as our buildings get more energy efficient and we end up trapping [those] pollutants inside.”

ADD HUMIDITY | It is estimated that plants release nearly 97% of the moisture they consume.

PSYCHOLOGICAL | One of the great impacts of houseplants is that they generate happiness. Keeping flowers and plants throughout the home and the workplace vastly increases happiness!


Our greenhouse is open year-round to assist you with your houseplant habits! We carry a wide variety of sizes, tropical, seasonal, cacti, and perennials.

Unique miniature plants for those tiny garden creations.

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