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Gardening season is getting closer everyday! Stop in and check out all of our new Spring Gardening Supplies and decorations as a reminder, grab a houseplant because this is Wisconsin after all! 

We can't predict when the greenery will arrive outdoors but we can always have it indoors!

Weekly Store Sales

Annuals / Perennials

We grow and stock hundreds of annual and perennial flowering plants throughout the year. 

Perennial plants regrow every spring, while annual plants live for only one growing season, then die off.


Our greenhouse is open year-round to assist you with your houseplant habits! We carry a wide variety of sizes, tropical, seasonal, cacti, and perennials.

Unique miniature plants for those tiny garden creations.

Trees / Shrubs

Our trees and shrubs are locally grown, both field and container grown for your individual needs. Everything from shade tolerant, ornamental, and evergreens.

Delivery available - ask about pricing

Bulk Products


Call us for delivery availability and pricing. 

We carry bagged soils, fertilizers, animal repellant, weed barriers, grass seed, tree protection, compost, and straw bales.

Take a look at our Bulk Products page for full details and amount calculators.

Garden Décor 

Check out our newly revamped boutique area with a ton of new products. Get a head start decorating your garden with our new Spring garden décor items.

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