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Annuals & Perennials

The Garden Mart grows and stocks hundreds of annuals & perennial flowering plants throughout the year. Let our knowledgeable employees help you with pest and disease identification and solutions.

Beginning in April thru the summer we carry all of your indoor and outdoor floral needs including annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, vegetables and accent grasses. 


Annuals are plants that germinate, flower, set seed, and die all in one season. 

Why are annual plants desirable?

Annuals provide nearly instant gratification, maturing faster than perennials or biennials, and often bloom from planting time until frost, and in some cases beyond. If you want a lot of blooms, annuals are the answer. They put all of their energy into developing flowers.

A few of the most common Annuals in Zone 5 that we carry are: 

* Geraniums     * Petunias     * Begonia

* Alyssum    


Perennials are typically cold-hardy plants that will return again in the spring. They usually bloom for only one season each year (either spring, summer, or fall), 

Why choose perennials? Although perennials tend to cost more initially, they are a good long-term investment because they return year after year. Even perennials that don't have a long life span can often be propagated by division* or reseeding to perpetuate their population.

A few of the most common Perennials in Zone 5 are: 

* Phlox     * Day Lily     * Peony

* Hollyhock      

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